The 3 ‘W’s of Successful Online Marketing

Successful online marketing is a daily challenge due to the vast amount of competition across the internet and countless online businesses out there who are all competing for the limelight.More and more start-up businesses are folding under the pressure, but that’s largely down to their lack of organisation and lack of a comprehensive online marketing plan. It’s also down to their inability to analyse market trends, demographics and other factors in a detailed and comprehensive way.There are three elements to consider when it comes to assessing the above factors and successfully competing with the competition. These elements are the 3 W’s of successful online marketing, which are:Who?Find out exactly who visits your website. Use web analytics to establish who visits your site, who stays put and which pages people are mostly interested in. Who has spent the time to fill out your surveys or drop out of a purchase mid-stream? By finding out the answers to these questions, you will be able to see the difference between potential clients and those just dropping by to your site.What?What led these people to your website? Did the search engines bring them to you properly? Find out exactly what kind of products or services these visitors are searching for. This way, you will know which products or services you can improve upon to better suit your target market.What pages did they spend more time on? Which pages generated more income? In finding out all of this information, you will be able to improve the overall visitor experience and create a strategic online marketing plan that provides your clients with exactly what they are looking for.When?When did those visitors view your site? How long were they browsing for? This is an important question to ask if you wish to be truly successful, as it can help you to formulate effective online marketing promotions that are released at the exact time that your target audience are busy browsing the internet.How can these Factors Improve your Online Marketing Strategy?The three ‘W’s of successful online marketing detailed above will help you to establish which parts of your site need improvement and which parts of your site are doing well. You will also be able to determine how to adapt your web design to cater more specifically to your precise target market and influence their purchasing powers.