Changing Industry Is Difficult But Not Impossible

With a recession in full swing many candidates are seeking to change industries. This is especially true if most of your experience is in an industry that has been hard hit in the recession. Some examples are the mortgage, financial or manufacturing industries. As an executive recruiter I often coach candidates on the best ways to go about changing industries. It is possible, but it also takes planning and patience. Two things lacking in many candidates.Making an industry change in this economy is difficult, unless you have one of those jobs in which the skills required are not industry specific. That means your skills and training are easily transferable to another industry. The issue you have to overcome is that your competition for an opening will probably include people with extensive experience in the industry your want to move to. Most companies will look at those with industry experience first. Companies always prefer a person with direct industry experience over those without it. There are specific positions where industry experience is critical. For example sales positions. Knowing the customers and having contacts is clearly a benefit. On the other hand other functions, accounting, human resources and customer service are often transferable between industries. So I recommend taking some time to identify what are your transferable skills and how will they be of benefit in the new industry.The best way to make an industry change is through networking. You need to build relationships with people in the industry. To do this consider attending professional associations, joining networking groups in the industry you desire to move to, attend trade shows or conferences, and start connecting with people in your local area. As they get to know you they will be able to determine how your strengths, outside their industry, can apply to the problems they need solved in their company. In this case going through recruiters or submitting resumes via ads are long shots.There are some barriers you should think about overcoming when changing industries, assuming your skills are easily transferable. The first one is compensation. Chances are you are more valuable in the industry you come from than some unrelated industry. So the level of compensation will probably be less in a new industry than what you have been making. Secondly, the position will probably be at a lower level. If you were a manager in your industry, you may not qualify as a manager in the new industry. Finally, some additional training and education may be required.Making an industry change takes planning. It isn’t something that happens all of a sudden because you are unemployed. In fact, once you are unemployed it maybe too late to start thinking about an industry change.

Becoming a Successful Online Marketer With an Online Community

A successful online marketing business is something that a lot of people will never have the pleasure of experiencing. Fortunately, those that take the time to reach out and learn from others who have already achieved what they are trying to accomplish have a much greater chance of running a successful internet marketing business. Making the choice to join an online mentoring community can easily mean the difference between success and failure.When running an online business of any sort, one of the requirements is understanding how to drive traffic to your main business website. With an online mentoring community, you’ll have all of the answers right at your side. You’ll need to know how to build quality backlinks as well as what keywords to use. Without outside help, working from home as an internet marketer can become quite isolating, as well as confusing. With a mentor, you will no longer have those difficulties.A successful online marketing business is best built in a short period of time. By taking advantage of joining an online community, you can help to save yourself tons of time and money. Most internet marketers who are otherwise unaware of the fact that there are business mentors online available to assist them usually end up spending hundreds per month on various advertising techniques, electronic books, and other online tools to help them get a head start – when all that is really needed is someone who is already experienced to provide all of the answers.Building a successful internet marketing business can also be very frustrating, especially if you’re unaware of how to use html, write articles, approach possible prospects, and deal with rejection. An online mentoring community can help to assist you with specific aspects of running your business. A professional, experienced mentor will talk to you about how to write your articles and submit them to article directories in order to attract traffic, as well as how to build blogs and websites.Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you have to focus on building a successful online marketing business all alone. Working from your home computer can become discouraging, especially when you don’t have other people to socialize with and relate to. There is no one there to motivate you but yourself. You are the one who is in charge of creating your own fortune. Fortunately, an online business mentor will be there to talk to you anytime that you have a concern.Having someone who is experienced and accomplished at your side can also help to prevent you from making any further mistakes. With a professional opinion to critique your articles, websites, and blogs, there is no way that you can go wrong. Joining an online mentoring community will ultimately help to guide you down the right path as well as help you to remain focused on building a successful internet marketing business.